TwinPeakes Fly Fishing

Let's share the journey from making your first cast to catching your first fish


Born on the banks of the renowned River Dee in Scotland with skills honed on rivers throughout the world, TwinPeakes Flyfishing is dedicated to the art of fly fishing. 

Whether you are a complete novice or a competent fisher, our knowledgeable team can provide expert casting tuition and guided fishing experiences through our range of tailored packages. 

From our fly fishing hub in Royal Deeside, we have access to prime fishing beats for both salmon and trout as well as a well stocked tackle and clothing store. 

From perfecting your technique to reeling in that exhilarating first catch, let’s get on the water and start your fly fishing journey!


Alastair Peake 

Al has been a fishing guide for over 15 years and specialises in targeting Atlantic salmon in Scotland and wild trout in the Highlands. Al guided in New Zealand for several years and now leads trips around Scotland, Norway and Patagonia. He is a Certified Casting Instructor in single handed and double handed casting and can be found giving casting lessons at the fly fishing school, in the shop or guiding out on the river.  
Favourite fly - Bomber

William Peake


Will has been guiding in Scotland and worldwide for over 15 years. He is extremely passionate about every aspect of fly fishing and enjoys sharing that passion with visiting anglers. Will leads trips to Patagonia and Iceland each year along with guiding on his home rivers in Scotland throughout the season. As a Certified Casting Instructor, Will is usually found giving casting lessons at the fly fishing school and helping guests in the shop with their questions.  
Favourite fly – Hitch


Blaine Lyon


The youngest member of our young team, Blaine has achieved a huge amount in his fly fishing career. From fishing at national level for the Scottish Youth Trout Team, he has learned and refined unparalleled skills in targeting trout in Scotland. Blaine guides in Scotland and also  lead trips to Patagonia. He is highly regarded in the international distance tournament casting and currently holds the UK mens’ record for distance casting. Blaine really enjoys spending time on the water with guests and helping them to improve their fishing skills to catch more fish.  
Favourite fly - Sunray Shadow


Ross Macdonald


Famous for the creation of the Park Shrimp, Calvin Shrimp and the Mairi Shrimp, Ross is a renowned fly tyer, certified casting instructor and regular writer for the Trout and Salmon magazine. Ross knows the River Dee intimately and worked for the River Dee Salmon Fishery Board for 7 years, where he promoted the fishery and introduced angling development, including the Fly Fish 50 programme. Ross enjoys introducing new anglers to the sport of fly fishing along with promoting angling development work across Scotland.   
Favourite fly - Park Shrimp.


Fly Casting School

A designated on the water fly fishing school on the banks of the River Dee, TPFF Flyfishing School has a team of dedicated A.A.P.G.A.I and  S.G.A.I.C qualified instructors to help you to get the most out of your time on the water.

We offer beginner, Intermediate and advanced instruction in all aspects of casting.

Single handed Casting Instruction


  • Including single and double hauling
  • Aerial mends
  • Generating more distance
  • Accuracy


Double handed Casting Instruction


  • Single Spey
  • Double Spey
  • Snake Role
  • Circle C (snap T)
  • Presentation
  • Distance
  • Accuracy



Guided Fly Fishing Experiences 

TwinPeakes offers guided fly fishing experiences to all levels of ability to both local and visiting anglers. 

Whether you are visiting the area and would like to experience fly fishing on one of Scotland’s most iconic rivers or you would like to learn and build on your skills with professional guiding, we are here to help. 

Learn techniques that will last a lifetime in an informative but relaxed environment. 

We offer


  • Salmon fishing experiences
  • Trout fishing experiences (Stillwater and river)
  • Group fly fishing experiences
  • Corporate events
  • Stag/hen parties


Tackle Shop

Definitely not your ‘run of the mill’ fly shop!  You can try before you buy at our tackle testing facility next to the river – in fact, we encourage you to do so.   
We’ve used our vast knowledge and experience to carefully select our favourite and most utilised tackle and clothing that we wouldn't be without on the river.  You won't find 20 options of the same thing, just a curated selection of products that we know and trust from the very best suppliers.  
We can advise on the most suitable tackle and gear to make your time on the water not only more productive but as enjoyable as possible. 
Pop in and see us – the coffee is always good and always on! And if you are not in the vicinity then do browse our online shop, we’d be delighted to help with any questions.