Personal Guide and INstruction

Add professional casting instruction to your days fishing to get the most of your time on the water

Professional guide and Instruction services

The perfect experience for those new to the fascinating sport of salmon fishing as well as experienced anglers seeking to enhance and develop their skills.

Whats Included

✔ One on one professional casting instruction 

✔ One on one guiding 

✔ Learn new skills to become a more efficient salmon angler

£120 Half day - instruction & personal guide
£220 Full day - Instruction & personal guide

Excluding cost of the fishing permit (Beat Hire)

Tackle and wader hire available on request

We will advise on which beat to book direct with the estate owner

Casting Tuition

Enjoy a days fishing on a prime river Dee beat, assessed by the TwinPeakes team for the best opportunity of catching salmon in the the river at that time.  

The day begins with some fresh coffee at the fishing hut and making a plan subject to the day’s conditions. We will then head out for a brief Spey Casting Masterclass, breaking down the mechanics of the casting to provide our guests with the tools for success on the water. During the morning we will help by fine-tuning your casting technique and help with any areas where improvement is needed.  We are able to assist with any specific aspects that our guests would like to focus on in order to achieve proficiency and confidence. We will provide tackle and waders if required to ensure that you have the right gear to make the most from your day.

Guided Fishing

We will cover all aspects of water craft, as well as refining casting technique - reading the pools, choosing flies, tactics and and mastering fishing in differing conditions. 

We can introduce how to fish certain flies such as the Sunray Shadow, Hitch Fly, Red Francis or bomber flies.

£120 Half day - Instruction & personal guide 

£220 Full day - Instruction & personal guide

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