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Classic Reel 7-9, Year of the Salmon

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  • £720.00
Winder Side

In light of 2019 being the International Year of the Salmon, Loop Tackle Design have engineered and designed a timeless limited edition ‘International Year of the Salmon’ Loop Classic reel. Unique in design the reel displays both an inscribed outline of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean on each face.

There are only 200 numbered limited edition reels available all in the 7/9 size range in left and right hand wind. The reels are available from Tuesday 14th May.

In our mission to protect wild salmon and wild places LOOP Tackle Design will donate £200 per reel to the Atlantic Salmon Trust in support of their Missing Salmon Project, and the Likely Suspects Framework. This project aims to gather clearly defined evidence of where our smolts and salmon are suffering the most significant losses, and develop improved fisheries management policies.

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