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Posh Tosh Tube

  • £3.75

The Posh Tosh was created by that excellent salmon fisher, Iain Wilson from the Borders. Iain's fly has grown in popularity in recent years and is favoured by a great many anglers as a spring fly; it has excelled as a modern alternative to the Tosh and the many black and yellow variants that have dominated spring fishing in Scotland.  Iain particularly likes it for coloured water and it is easy to see why it would work well when the river is clearing.  Like all good flies it works well in a number of formats, but it is a tube for springers that the Posh Tosh has established its reputation.  The Posh Tosh scales down well and a slimmer fly has served Iain well on the Dee, where he finds a lighter touch in the dressing makes a difference.