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Valley of Kings


Valley of Kings Chile


The Rio Serrano is a hidden gem of a river that is located in the far southern reaches of the Chilean Andes. 

It is situated in the infamous National Park of Torres Del Paine where the landscape is spectacular and the fishing is equally mesmerising.

 The river is host to a fantastic run of Chinook ‘King’ salmon that run each year. These are the largest of the salmonid family, this river has produced record fish of up to 30kg the normal size from 10 - 22kg.


 “If, like us, you have been chasing that fish of a lifetime, this river can make dreams a reality!”




Join the TwinPeakes Fly fishing team on a hosted week to the Valley Of Kings 2025

Click for brochure - 24th - 31st Jan 2025 - 3 Rods Available 

Click for brochure - 3rd - 10th Feb 2025 - 3 Rods Available

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Maximum of 5 anglers per group. This enables ample fishing per rod during the week and allows space for other local fishermen as all rivers in Chile are subject to open access.

 We have access to 15km of the Rio Serrano which begins from the ‘Boca’ river mouth where it drains out from Lago Toro and meanders down to the confluence of the Rio Grey below the Serrano village. 

Having spent months over the years fishing this river, we have learnt a lot about these fish and how to catch them on the fly. 

We will share with you our tried and tested presentation technique when fishing this river, and when adopted will give you a great chance and catching some huge king salmon. 

There are few places on earth where you have a very realistic chance of not only hooking but landing a salmon over 40lb on the fly. You will have the TwinPeakes Fly Fishing team on hand to help you catch that fish of a lifetime. 

Qualified casting instructors and photographers you will get all the help and advice you need and some quality photos of your trip.



 This trip is an adventure and we like to keep it that way.  Situated a stones throw from the river is the Rio Serrano Camping De Los Andes site. Here we set up camp for the duration of your week. 

 Each guest will have a large 6 person tent to themselves with wooden single beds, inflatable air beds, sleeping bags and pillows. We have a wader and boot shelter for hanging your waders, along with a kitchen and dining tent, where all of the meals will be served. 

 Our cook will serve traditional Patagonian cuisine often cooked over the fire during the day to offer a comfortable stay during your time off the river.  

 Fully catered breakfast is served at the camp site, lunch either out on the river or back at camp and a hearty meal in the evenings. All alcohol and soft drinks are provided for the duration of the week.  

 There are hot showers, toilets and all the facilities you need. There are power sockets for charging your electronic devices and the electricity supply is generator powered and on between 8am and 12pm. 

We recommend starting with a chat if you are interested in traveling to Chile for the King

WIll - +44 7814279414

Al - +44 7766548708