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Stóra Laxá 

Stóra Laxá -  Beats 1, 2 & 3

A stunning, 90km long river that flows from Lake Grænavatn down to the glacial river of Hvítá, Stóra Laxá is famed for its combination of incredible runs of multi sea winter fish and spectacular Icelandic scenery.  

Located only 90 minutes from Keflavik Airport and divided into distinctive Upper and Lower sections across 4 beats, the river boasts over 110 fantastic pools ranging from rocky, fast flowing canyons to calm and meandering plains of gin clear water.  

Lower Stóra Laxá fishes 6 rods across 3 rotating beats, anglers can expect a true test of skill against big, hard fighting and acrobatic Atlantic salmon across the 3 month season. 

Wading and access is easy on the Lower Stora Laxa with medium sized pools and small gravel throughout. Some small river crossings are done occasionally but are very easy.



Join the TwinPeakes Fly fishing team on a hosted week to the Valley Of Kings

Hosted with Colin Mcleod Opening days 21st - 24th June - 6 Rods **3 RODS AVAILABLE** 

Non hosted 24th - 27th June - 6 Rods **SOLD OUT**

Hosted with Will Peake 21st - 24th September - 6 Rods - **SOLD OUT**


Lower Stóra Laxá offers over 60 marked pools for 6 rods across this medium sized river – all with a fantastic variety to them.  

From fast rocky pools and canyons at the top end, the river then opens up on to gorgeous meadows with slower, cutback pools full of big multi sea winter fish.  

This section is the most easily accessible and accommodates all levels of angler. It also boasts the most famous and productive pools on the river, featuring some of the largest salmon you’ll come across in Iceland.  

Surface fishing tactics are preferred and are truly Icelandic throughout the season it is amazing to see large salmon taking micro flies, hitches and sunray’s off the top. 



Lower Stóra Laxá Lodge is the primary operation, and offers a fully catered lodge located on the farm Skarð, close to the river.  

The combination of traditional Icelandic farmhouse and rustic sleeping huts makes this a superb place for anglers to base themselves for their trip, with the lodge featuring 3 twin bedrooms, living and dining area and a hot tub.  There are also three newly refurbished sleeping huts close to the main lodge, each featuring an en suite and veranda.  

There are plans to build a new lodge expected completion  2023.

Example Itinerary     


Fly from home city to Keflavik International Airport  Taxi to down town Reykjavik (not included normally around 120 EUR There is also a bus option)  Check-in to hotel Odinsve (not included but can be arranged for you)  

Overnight at hotel, explore down town Reykjavik 


11:00 am Transfer from Hotel Odinsve to Stora Laxa Lodge  Recommended to stop for lunch on the way, driver will advise  

 14:00 / 15:00 arrive Stora Laxa Lodge  Check in & tackle up  16:00 - 22:00 Fishing  


07:00 - Cooked breakfast and coffee to start the day  

08:00 - Go out with one guide between two anglers and fish until 13:00

13:00  16:00 - Lunch and recharge back at the lodge  

16:00 - 22:00 Fish the evening session

22:00  Relax and discuss the day’s events over dinner and drinks 


Fish the morning session from 08:00 - 12:00  Transfer back to Keflavik International Airport or Reykjavik  

We recommend staying at Courtyard Marriot Hotel (located at the airport and offer taxi runs to airport) 

Board flight home if taking the 16:20 to Heathrow  

Day 6 -  ICELAND TO HOME  Flight home from Keflavik International Airport.  Taxi transfer to be arranged with hotel. 

We recommend starting with a chat if you are interested in traveling to Iceland and Storá Laxá

WIll - +44 7814279414

Al - +44 7766548708