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Casting Tuition

Tailored fly casting tuition  to suit all levels of ability on the  iconic river Dee in Scotland

Royal Deeside Fly Fishing School

We are thrilled to offer all anglers visiting Royal Deeside the services of our fly fishing school. A dedicated fly fishing centre with a private stretch of the River Dee specifically for casting tuition. Situated at the Milton of Crathes in the centre of the river we offer both double handed and single handed casting lessons in a real fishing environment. 

Our team of certified casting instructors are available to offer one on one bespoke casting tuition tailored to make sure that you get the most out of your time on the water. 

It’s the ultimate opportunity to perfect new skills in great surroundings with a professional and enthusiastic team.

Double Handed Spey Casting

We understand that Spey casting is not the easiest style of casting to learn but we have developed professional teaching techniques to facilitate mastering this important technique . All of our lessons are delivered with a mix of practical on the water tuition along with some classroom time to build on the understanding of the mechanics of this method of casting. 

We will teach: 

  • Single spey, Double Spey, Snake Roll and Circle C casts. 
  • Learn how to combat wind, manage high banks or tricky spots to cast and how to use these casts in practical fishing applications.  
  • How to set up your rod, and choose the correct tackle 
  • Health and safety on the river bank 

1 person £50 per hour

2 person £75 per hour

Maximum 2 hours

Single Handed Casting

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro planning to fish in stillwater, rivers and streams or saltwater, we can arm you with casting techniques and skills to ensure you are ready for that next fishing trip.  We will teach basic rod, line and leader set up, overhead casting, double hauling, spey casting, advanced casting like steeple casting or curve casts and aerial mends.  Learn and perfect moves that will make fishing in any situation more rewarding. Beginners will be taught to a level where they will be well prepared for their first days fishing.

1 person £50 per hour

2 person £75 per hour

Maximum 2 hours

The 5 Essentials in Fly Casting

Rod Tip Path

The fly line will always follow the path of the rod tip. 

It controls the D-LOOP shape and forward loop shape. 

A narrow loop is an efficient casting loop

Slack Line

Slack line should be kept to an absolute minimum. 

Ensure to keep tension at all times throughout the casting cycle


Timing is essential in fly casting, in single handed casting our forward and back loops should straighten before continuing with the next cast, maintaining tension. Cast too soon or too late and you will be casting slack line



Power Application

Power should be applied at the appropriate time during the stroke, with a smooth acceleration to a positive stop. 

Start Slow ~ Finish FAST

Just enough power to allow the fly to nicely turn over, No more, No Less


Casting stroke / arc 

The stoke is the distance that your hands move during the cast.

The arc is the rotation of the rod during the stroke.

The Stroke / Arc is variable to the amount of line past the rod tip.