Sustainability Policy


Sustainability Policy

At TwinPeakes Fly Fishing Ltd we are conscious of our impact upon the environment and are determined to secure the planet for us and future generations. 

 We are committed to working in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way holding our team accountable and committed to our cause  



  •   From first cast to first fish, we enjoy supporting clients one cast at a time on their fly-fishing journey.   Our guides know when to step back and let you take in the moment.  
  •  We work in collaboration with various strands of the community from landowners to custodians of the river and species.  We all are working tirelessly to protect wild salmon stocks and to improve and maintain their surroundings.   
  •   We are passionate about making the sport of fly fishing inclusive for all.  Our team actively support and volunteer in social initiatives in the fly-fishing community.  Our aim is to make full use of people’s talents and skills by creating an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds can fish together. We expect all our employees and customers to treat each another equitably, with dignity and respect, regardless of their gender, race or religion.     
  •  We welcome others to join the fly-fishing community dedicated to growing angling development worldwide.    
  •  The landscapes which are fortunate enough to call “our office” are a source of inspiration to everybody. We work hard to ensure that we provide a safe and healthy working environment for our team and guests.  
  •  We enjoy promoting and preserving the value of Scotland’s Rivers and Lochs by doing our best to reduce the environmental impact of fly fishing.   
  •   We encourage everyone to enjoy their surroundings when on the river or loch banks, breathe in the fresh air and capture the moment.       
  •   We work closely with local businesses who share our beliefs to provide guests with locally sourced produce and fresh ingredients.
  •  We will not use harmful chemicals and promote the use of eco-friendly alternatives   §  We are constantly exploring ways to reduce our energy consumption.  Making use of energy-efficient appliances, log-burner, LED lighting, and implementing energy-saving measures, wherever possible    
  •   We minimize waste by using recyclable and compostable packaging materials and by encouraging our customers to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.        


Our aim is to fly fish without leaving any trace


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