Meet the Team



 Al has been a fishing guide for over 15 years and specialises in targeting Atlantic salmon in Scotland and wild trout in the Highlands. Al guided in New Zealand for several years and now leads trips around Scotland, Norway and Patagonia. He is a Certified Casting Instructor in single handed and double handed casting and can be found giving casting lessons at the fly fishing school, in the shop or guiding out on the river.  

 Favourite Fly: Bomber


 Will has been guiding in Scotland and worldwide for over 15 years. He is extremely passionate about every aspect of fly fishing and enjoys sharing that passion with visiting anglers. Will leads trips to Patagonia and Iceland each year along with guiding on his home rivers in Scotland throughout the season. As a Certified Casting Instructor, Will is usually found giving casting lessons at the fly fishing school, helping guests in the shop with their questions and guiding on the river.

 Favourite fly – Hitch


The youngest member of our young team, Blaine has achieved a huge amount in his fly fishing career. From fishing at national level for the Scottish Youth Trout Team, he has learned and refined unparalleled skills in targeting trout in Scotland. Blaine guides in Scotland and also  lead trips to Patagonia. He is highly regarded in the international distance tournament casting and currently holds the UK mens’ record for distance casting. He was recently 3rd place at 2023 Spey-O-rama! Blaine really enjoys spending time on the water with guests and helping them to improve their fishing skills to catch more fish.     

Favourite fly - Sunray Shadow


Famous for the creation of the Park Shrimp, Calvin Shrimp and the Mairi Shrimp, Ross is a renowned fly tyer, certified casting instructor and regular writer for the Trout and Salmon magazine. Ross knows the River Dee intimately and worked for the River Dee Salmon Fishery Board for 7 years, where he promoted the fishery and introduced angling development, including the Fly Fish 50 programme. Ross enjoys introducing new anglers to the sport of fly fishing along with promoting angling development work across Scotland.      

Favourite fly - Park Shrimp.


John Fyfe is a seasoned Dee angler and has gained a reputation over the year as a fish magnet. During a career of working off shore in the oil & gas industry John always spent most of his time at home on the local rivers. He is an extremely enthusiastic guide and loves to share much of his knowledge of fishing and the local area with visitors to the area.  He knows the local waters intimately  and and has an abundance of stories and tactics up his sleeve.   

Favourite fly - The Taggart


Ali Parkin is the newest member of our team. Ali's background is in teaching, mixed with a passion for fly fishing he is a fantastic instructor and guide and the patience of a saint! His wealth of knowledge for wild trout in Scotland and being qualified as a single handed instructor ensure all guests have a great day when on the water with Ali.  Ali is also a talented photographer and makes sure his guests get a few nice photos from their day on the water with him. Ali enjoys introducing new anglers into the sport of fly fishing and is most at home when guiding people onto wild and weary trout.   

Favourite fly - Olive Emerger


Andrew has a background of competition fly fishing for trout to a very high level and now he enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with visiting guests targeting Atlantic Salmon and Trout in Aberdeenshire. Andrew is a certified casting instructor in single hand and double hand casting and enjoys helping people to fine tune their casting.  He is extremely enthusiastic and is often seen along the river banks with his Black Labrador 'Harris" in tow.   

Favourite fly - Willie Gun Franc & Snaelda


Andy P is the man you will often find holding the fort whilst we are all out guiding here, there and everywhere. He has fished around the world for many years. He keeps himself up to date with what is happening on the rivers and is always happy to help with advice on tackle and fly choices.   

Favourite Fly: Intruder


Steve is a very experienced and dedicated angler. He was the 2022 Scottish National Fly Fishing Champion and represents Team Scotland internationally. Steve always has a secret fly or tweaked method ready for our guests and shares a wealth of knowledge when out on the water. Small flies and thin leaders are the way forward with Steve.   

Favourite Fly: Perdigon


Lesley, aka Mum, has been fishing all her life being the daughter of a keen fisherman.   She caught her first Salmon on the West Coast at the age of 10 and has very fond memories of Sunday afternoons  fishing with on still water for trout in North Wales  with  our grandad Mum and Dad moved to Scotland, 5 years ago , and  Mum has quickly found her niche as our business support.   From taking bookings, assisting guests, arranging logistics, and book keeping she is happy to roll up her sleeves where ever necessary to keep the wheels in motion… the list is endless.  

Favourite Fly - Muddler Minnow