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Vac Rack Standard (Vacuum Rod Holders)

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  • £62.99
The Vac Rac Standard Vacuum Rack is the original and still best vacuum rod rack you can buy. The ingenious design fits onto all vehicles, whether aluminium, steel or plastic. They allow you to carry your rods assembled at any angle, saving you valuable fishing time.

 Non magnetic – Fits all vehicles – Aluminium, Steel, Plastic
 Height - 5.25 inches – 13.5 cm  Width - 8 inches (20cm)
 Holds up to 4 rods
 Soft suction bases
 Pillar mounted support for reel clearance
 Wrap round cords ensure rods are firmly held
 T recess for easy shock cord unclipping
 In tests, each rack has lifted in excess of 40kg
 Bonnet to roof mounting avoids the major cause of snapped rods, lifting hatchbacks and tailgates
 Supplied with storage bag and base protector lids