River Deveron Trout Monitoring

River Deveron Trout Monitoring

We were fortunate to join the Deveron, Bogie & Isla Rivers Charitable Trust on their Trout monitoring project. Each year the team head into the upper catchment and electro fish for a sample of large brown trout and record their size, weight, and take scale samples.

The team are now tagging a proportion of the Deveron Trout to monitor their movements and recaptures throughout the river system. The tags are small plastic yellow cylinders with 'Deveron' and trust contact details printed on them along with a unique fish ID number. The Floy tags are inserted into the back of the fish by the dorsal fin.

The team would be delighted to hear from ANY anglers who capture a Floy tagged trout next season in order to build up more information on their life history, distribution, age and growth rates and their contribution to the sport fishery.

Anglers that report a tagged fish will qualify for a reward. Please don't remove the tags from the fish.

The Deveron Trust team would like anglers to record where possible:

1: Number of the Floy tag

2: Date and Location of capture

3: Length and weight of the trout

4: A sample of the scales

For all reported trout and if you would like to hear any more information about the Deveron Trout monitoring project contact the Trust Offices at : office@deveron.org

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