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Frances Collection


The Frances has earned a reputation on the UK salmon scene as a fly that will take otherwise reluctant fish. In the past few years, as more and more anglers fish it, this odd looking fly is being used much earlier in the season. It’s not just stale fish that are uncooperative and there are times when much fresher fish require more persuasion.

The Frances has been around for decades and varieties of the style have been popular in Iceland and parts of Scandinavia since the 1970s. Today it is a must have pattern for Atlantic Salmon throughout Northern Europe and Russia.  The pattern was created by Peter Deane back in the 1960s. It takes its name from his assistant Fances Hydon who had the task of tying up Peter’s design. 

We have these in black and red and in every size imaginable - from tiny #18 trebles to heavy tungsten tubes and coneheads. 


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