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Q Series Switch Rods

  • £259.00
  • £305.00

Extremely versatile switch rods for the modern angler.

The two models are 7110 and 4110.


7110 is our go to salmon and sea trout switch rod, ideal for fishing medium and small rivers in low water. The term switch simply means to be able to switch from single handed casting to double hand casting. We wouldn't be without ours when on the river especially in low water, allowing you to overhead cast standing back from the water when trying not to spook any fish close in, yet having the versatility to spey cast in tight spots.

4110 - Designed for trout spey or grilse / sea trout fishing. If you are looking for something nice and delicate for super low water conditions this will do the job, if matching with a single handed line you would want to go up to an #7 line. Our favourite line on this is the evotec 100 or opti flex long in an #7

For the trout spey guys, go for something a little shorter like the evotec 95 or opti drift, this will allow you to turn over bigger trout streamers if that's your thing.


Our primary objective with the Q series was to design a range of high performance fly rods that suit a range of angling abilities. Available at a highly competitive price point, the series is finished in an aesthetic cool grey colour and available in seven single-handed models, two double-handed models and two switch models. Q has surpassed even our own very high expectations, with each model’s action being specifically optimised for its particular line classification.

The series has been developed to offer user-friendly casting performance. Both in the hands of a novice caster beginning their fly fishing journey, right through to an expert angler looking for a superior value for money fly rod, Q will simply perform. Each rod will excel in all forms of modern fly casting techniques and feels light and extremely responsive in the hand. If your looking to purchase your first ever LOOP fly rod or complement your existing collection, Q is built on the solid foundation of outstanding user-friendly performance.