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Chartreuse Franc & Snaelda Salmon fly

  • £3.95

The Chartreuse Franc & Snaelda Salmon Fly is deadly in coloured water and is a go to when fishing a big river that is swollen, be assured the salmon will see this coming.

The Franc & Snaelda Salmon Fly brings together the best of two distinct fly styles, creating a dynamic fusion that has become a staple for discerning salmon anglers. This exceptional fly seamlessly merges the proven success of the Snaelda, a longstanding favorite in European and Russian salmon waters, with the unique attributes of the Francis fly. The result is a tried and tested range of flies designed to trigger aggressive responses and entice Atlantic salmon like never before.

Why Choose the Franc & Snaelda Salmon Fly?

  1. Snaelda Success: The Snaelda has carved its place as a favorite among salmon anglers for years. Proven successful in European and Russian salmon rivers, this fly boasts a track record of luring in Atlantic salmon with its irresistible appeal.

  2. Francis Fly Feelers: The incorporation of feelers in the tail of the Francis fly adds an innovative twist to the traditional design. These feelers not only trigger an aggressive response from salmon but also create a larger profile, making it a tempting target for fish considering the chase.

  3. Dynamic Fusion: The marriage of the Snaelda and Francis fly styles creates a versatile and effective range of flies. This dynamic fusion ensures that the Franc & Snaelda Salmon Fly is not just a fly but a go-to solution for anglers seeking consistent success on the water.

  4. Proven Results: Tested and trusted, this fly has been tried in the waters where salmon are known to be discerning. Its success in the prolific rivers of Russia and throughout Europe has solidified its reputation as a must-have in the tackle box of any salmon angler.