7X Double Hand Rod Medium Fast Action

  • £1,135.00

TwinPeakes says: The best salmon rod on the market in our opinion. The latest 7X from LOOP really does test boundaries in fly rod design.

After many years of constantly challenging ourselves as a company to extend the boundaries of modern fly rod design, we take great pride in the launch of what we truly believe to be highest performance fly rod range we have ever made: The LOOP 7X

Our 7X rod series introduces the innovative design and performance advantages of the exclusive and pioneering 7X blank construction process. This patented technology optimises power transfer and enhances rod tracking for both accuracy and maximum energy efficiency.

The 7X’s superior casting performance is due to the geometric advantages inherent within its shape, resulting in accelerated and rapid dampening of the rod during the energy transitions of a casting cycle.

The 7X design with its 2-3-2 structural support eliminates “spine effect” and broadens the versatility beyond the conventional over hand cast and underhand casting techniques. The 7X Series provides equal precision and power in a multitude of casting actions including the sidearm or backhand cast which are often required in many demanding sport fisheries.

The 7X Series is both lighter and stronger than conventional circular fly rod construction and the ultra efficient energy transmission results in the enhancement of:

  • Accuracy
  • Presentation
  • Performance
  • Versatility

Loop has a proud history of fly fishing tackle innovation and invite anglers to explore our latest fly rod technology.



6126-4MF 23-25 310 380-420
7130-4MF 26-28 417 475-525
8132-4MF 29-32 478 530-580
9126-4MF 33-36 556 575-625
9140-4MF 33-36 556 575-625
10150-4MF 38-42 617 610-660