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Hairy Mary Hitch Tube

  • £3.75

Experience the Thrill of Surface Action with Our Hitch Tube Flies for Salmon Fishing!

Elevate your salmon fishing game with our specialised Hitch Tube Flies, meticulously crafted to entice aggressive strikes near the water's surface. 

 Our Hitch Tube Flies are expertly designed to create captivating surface disturbance, replicating the lifelike movements of insects or prey struggling on the water. This surface-skimming action is a proven trigger for aggressive strikes from salmon. We have come to love hitching in the summer months; explosive takes on the surface add a whole new dimension to your sport. Trust us when we say this exciting and effective method is highly addictive!

The Hairy Mary is a Scottish classic and excels as a hitch in clear water and is a popular pattern for Iceland each summer.