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Z1-Series Switch Rod

  • £660.00


The spiritual successor to the legendary Cross series, our new and much enhanced Z rods are the result of several years’ design, development and rigorous testing – all with the single goal of creating the ultimate combination of quality and value found in a fly rod.

Considerably lighter and yet far stronger than their predecessor thanks to the use of state-of-the-art nano resin technology, each rod in the Z series is made using 40-45 ton nano graphene carbon fibre of the highest specification available, ensuring the smoothest, most powerful action of any circular shaped rod we’ve ever come across.

Each rod in the series features the highest possible grade cork handle, specially designed lightweight reel seat, ceramic lined titanium stripping guides and titanium plated stainless steel snake guides.

The Z1 Switch rod offers supreme versatility, distance, control and accuracy in a medium fast action, and comes in a range of models designed to address the balance between single and double handed rods.


5116 – For the bigger trout flies or light salmon and sea trout fishing where stealth and line control is essential. Reaching great distances is relatively effortless.

7116 – If you are targeting salmon, steelhead or sea trout, this is the go-to switch rod. Despite not being an out and out double handed rod, it still holds power for distance and is well capable of landing big fish.