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Snaelda Yellow Orange Black Tube Fly

  • £3.75

German Snaelda - a wonder weapon, the solution in desperate moments, or simply an incredibly effective fly for various situations. This classic pattern owes its name to its color scheme: black, red (or orange), gold with a touch of flash. In addition to the color, the distinctive features of this pattern are its tying method and weight, as the fly is tied onto a heavy copper tube, allowing it to be fished aggressively, deep, fast, or close to the bottom. So, it's very versatile and ultimately effective. Whether it's in the spring when the water is cold and high or later in the season when the fish defend their territory in the river, this fly "dances" right in front of the fish, and not just metaphorically. And that applies to all salmon rivers worldwide! As far as we're concerned, the Snaelda or its many variations should definitely be included in a well-stocked salmon fly box.



  • High-quality tube fly from Superflies for salmon and more
  • Heavy all-around pattern for versatile fishing
  • Very durable and tied from premium materials
  • Classic tying method in black, orange, and yellow
  • Tied onto an extra-heavy copper tube, plus conehead
  • Tube size: 1 1/2" (approx. 3.8 cm)