Best Sporting Innovator 2024 - Winner Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards


Snowbee XS-Plus Prestige Switch Floating Fly Line

  • £70.00

These modern day switch lines are a little like a compressed Spey line, with a short heavy head in a Skagit style shooting head profile. Perfect for use when salmon fishing with lighter and shorter rods.

The difference being the bulk of the profile is at the back of the head, providing power to create tight D-loops and compressing weight into the head, wherre it's needed for truly effortless distance with controlled, accurate presentation. The short, steep rear taper then graduates smoothly into the fine diameter continuous running line to provide maximum shootability with no join. Switch lines are also ideally fished with a short Snowbee Poyly-Coated Leader.



  • Colour: Ivory / Hi-Viz Orange
  • Weight Range / AFTM Guide: 350 grains #6/7