Stormsure - Wader repairer Glue

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Similar to Aquasure, Stormsure repairs holes in waders with ease.


Adhesive for repairing all types of outdoor boots and shoes

This very special adhesive glue is one of the few products that can repair leaks, cracks or soles on virtually all makes of boots, shoes and waders .
Repairs are permanent, strong, waterproof, flexible and resistant to abrasion (even heel wear).

If you have an old pair of rubber boots where the leather or rubber is perished, or you have stepped on a nail or punctured your boot with a tool, Stormsure glue is the perfect solution. You can cover, renovate and seal the perished area, plug the hole or patch the tear with this excellent product.

Stormsure's Boot, Shoe and Wader Repair Kit is perfect to make an easy, durable and effective repair on punctured, damaged or worn footwear. The waterproof nature of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive (included in the pack), means it is perfect to make repairs on waterproof footwear such as boots and waders to keep them waterproof no matter the conditions. The Boot, Shoe and Wader Repair Kit makes it simple and easy to complete a durable, effective and long-lasting repair on all footwear.

The kit contains a 5g tube of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive, two 75mm (diameter) TUFF Tape patches, along with protective gloves. 

Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive can repair everything from worn material to a large hole. Repairs are waterproof, flexible and resistant to abrasion (weather and water abrasion).