Torne Bib Pants

  • £490.00


Our premium SympaTex® powered Torne V2 Bib is the ultimate in on-deck waterproof performance, and the perfect combination of substance, style and sustainability.

Based on our bestselling Torne wading jackets, the V2 Bib’s market-leading, recyclable SympaTex® membrane provides ultimate waterproof and windproof functionality, while an incorporated CORDURA® face fabric offers endless reliability and durability against abrasion, scuffs and tears.

Practical, comfortable and extremely hardwearing, they’re ready for everything nature can possibly throw at you.


SympaTex® Technology – Designed to keep the body dry and regulate body temperature, the state-of-the-art SympaTex® membrane provides optimal comfort in any weather and activity. Hydrophilic, i.e. water-loving, molecular chains in the membrane absorb the water vapour and discharge it to the outside. The higher the temperature and humidity difference, the greater the effect, meaning the membrane works dynamically and adapts perfectly to the conditions.

Sustainable Construction – Unlike traditional waterproof and breathable garments, the Torne V2 Bib membrane is also completely recyclable, free from ePTFEs or PTCs. The production of the membrane requires only 3 litres of water per kilo of material, compared to alternative membranes that can use upwards of 60 litres per kilo of material – making this one of the most environmentally friendly jackets on the market.

Easy Access Waterproof Zips – Construction on YKK® waterproof zips ensures there are no gaps for water or wind to penetrate though. Thigh high zips allow the bib to come on and off easily over boots, while the two-way centre zip fits snugly against the chest.

Built-in Knee and Rear Padding – Removeable soft padding in the knees and posterior provides much needed comfort when kneeling or sitting for prolonged periods, such as in a boat.

Adjustable Brace – Elasticated, adjustable suspenders and stretch back panel provide all-day comfort, and never feels too heavy.

Multi-functional Pockets – 3 chest pockets offer plenty of room for storage, or keeping your hands warm.

Rubberised Hems – Rubber-lined hems at the base of the legs helps the pants stick to your boots, restricting the flow of water.