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Willie Gunn - Franc N Snaelda - Salmon Tube Fly

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Discover the Willie Gunn Franc N Snaelda Tube Fly - A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation! Tied on copper tubes for some weight and available in 1/4", 1/2" & 3/4" sizes.  

Unleash the timeless power of the Willie Gunn, a legendary salmon fly that has dominated waters for over a century. Combined with the increasingly popular Francis fly, featuring distinctive feelers out the tail, the Willie Gunn Franc N Snaelda Tube Fly is a deadly concoction that has rightfully earned its place in the fly boxes of discerning salmon anglers worldwide.

Why Choose the Willie Gunn Franc N Snaelda Tube Fly?

  1. Proven Heritage: The Willie Gunn, a tried and tested salmon fly, has been a go-to choice for generations of anglers. Its track record as one of the most prolific salmon flies over the last century speaks volumes about its enduring effectiveness.

  2. Rise of the Francis Fly: The Francis fly, incorporating feelers out the tail, has become a sensation among salmon anglers. This innovative addition has rightfully earned its place in fly boxes across the globe, thanks to its ability to trigger aggressive strikes from elusive salmon.

  3. Deadly Fusion: The Willie Gunn Franc N Snaelda Tube Fly combines the best of both worlds, merging the classic Willie Gunn colors in a Snaelda profile with the irresistible appeal of Francis feelers. This deadly fusion creates a pattern that has proven irresistible to salmon, making it a must-have in your tackle box.

  4. Versatile Success: With its Willie Gunn colors, Snaelda profile, and Francis feelers, this pattern boasts versatility that works wonders across seasons and geographical locations. No matter where you fish, the Willie Gunn Franc N Snaelda can be a secret weapon for success.

  5. Global Allure: Tested and proven across the globe, this fly isn't limited by borders. Whether you're casting in the fast-flowing rivers of Scotland or the pristine waters of the Scandinavia, the Willie Gunn Franc N Snaelda Tube Fly delivers exceptional results.

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