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Gearing Up For Spring Salmon Fishing in Scotland

Gearing Up For Spring Salmon Fishing in Scotland

What Clothes Do I Need for Spring Fishing In Scotland?

When we start spring fishing in Scotland, the truth is that it's actually the dead of winter. The seasonal spring months, when we start to feel some warmth, seem a distant prospect. 
 Spring fishing brings with it the broadest range of conditions. We often begin the year with high, cold water, sleet, snow and rain. As we are all too aware, we  had all of that in spades throughout January and into February.  But we have an answer to lousy weather. As the great man Billy Connolly once said, "there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes".
With that in mind, we have 10%off our winter wear products- simply add the code: MINUS10 at the checkout and keep yourself snug as you chase that elusive springer! 



What Flies Do I Need For Spring Salmon Fishing in Scotland?

The team, after  the usual arguments, has picked out some early season favourites we know and love when chasing that early springer.
The most popular early season patterns are the Willie Gunn, the Franc N Snaelda, Park Shrimp and Dee Monkey. We are also very excited about our Spey Tail Collection, which marries the best features of two main styles.
We have an extensive range of flies for spring fishing anywhere in Scotland.

What Tackle Do I Need For Spring Salmon Fishing in Scotland?

Scotland has many famous spring rivers, such as the Dee, Spey, Tay and Tweed; collectively known as the 'Big Four'. In the north we have the Ness system, and classic north Highland rivers such as the Helmsdale, Thurso and Oykel. 
There is no single set up to cover all of these. On the Big Four, longer powerful rods and faster sinking lines are most used early on. A skagit, can be a blessing when fishing in a howling gale- trust us on that! These can also have a place in high cold water conditions in the far north. As we enter the warmer periods in April and May, short rods and floating lines with tips, may be more useful. 
Get in touch if you have any set up queries and have a look through some of the gear we use most.


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