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How To Underhand Cast with Klaus Frimor

How To Underhand Cast with Klaus Frimor

Learn the techniques behind underhand casting, with legendary instructor and LOOP Tackle's Chief Rod Designer, Klaus Frimor.

Göran Andersson, a renowned fly caster from Sweden, is often associated with the development and popularization of the underhand style of spey casting. The underhand style is a casting technique used in two-handed or spey casting, designed to maximize efficiency and minimize the effort required to cast. It is particularly well-suited for casting large flies and heavy sinking lines in challenging conditions, such as when wading deep in rivers or dealing with strong winds.

Here are some key features of Göran Andersson's underhand style of spey casting:

1. **Compact Stroke:** The underhand style emphasizes a compact casting stroke, with the rod staying close to the body. This helps to generate power efficiently and allows for shorter, more controlled casts.

2. **Utilization of Bottom Hand:** The casting power primarily comes from the bottom hand (the hand closest to the butt of the rod). This distribution of power allows for a more effective transfer of energy to the rod, resulting in powerful and accurate casts.

3. **Low Hand Position:** Andersson often advocates keeping the bottom hand low during the casting stroke, which contributes to the compact and efficient nature of the underhand style. This low hand position also helps in achieving a consistent and controlled rod load.

4. **Adaptation to Obstacles:** Like underhand casting in single-handed fly fishing, the underhand style in spey casting is particularly useful when dealing with obstacles behind the angler, such as trees, bushes, or steep riverbanks.

5. **Versatility:** The underhand style is versatile and can be adapted to various spey casting situations, including both short and long casts. It is especially well-suited for fishing in tight quarters or when space for a traditional spey cast is limited.

Göran Andersson's contributions to the development and promotion of the underhand style have had a significant impact on modern spey casting techniques, influencing anglers around the world. The underhand style is now widely used and has become an integral part of the repertoire for many spey anglers, contributing to more efficient and effective casting in challenging fishing environments.

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